DevereuxEducation.Co.Uk is a British Council-registered educational and language consultancy which provides concise, customised and `no-frills` educational and learning services to its many established clients.

After retiring as a UK school headteacher, Chris Devereux and his wife Tricia established DevereuxEducation.Co.Uk in 1999. The company focuses on face-to-face/online tuition to individuals and small groups only. The language foci are English for Professional and Academic Purposes, tuition in Russian to intermediate level and French to advanced level and Literature and Art Studies. The provision of tuition in other languages is being augmented via our increasing list of DevereuxEducation.Co.Uk Associates. In addition to these learning areas, we also have considerable experience in preparing clients for the Academic IELTS examination in which we have a one-hundred percent record in helping the client to gain the required level.

In addition to its tuition services, DevereuxEducation.Co.Uk organises UK cultural and language holidays, (including fly-fishing on the River Ribble at Great Mitton, https://www.mittonhallhotel.co.uk) and provides advice on the UK education system to clients moving there for work.

Please do take the time to read a relevant learning blog for specific information about how DevereuxEducation.Co.Uk delivers its courses.


Click on the video link below to see a short introductory description of the work of DevereuxEducation.Co.Uk. This may help you to decide whether or not our services are appropriate to your learning needs.

Chris Devereux.








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