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Learn a Language with Chris Devereux

I’m Chris Devereux MEd Tech (Distinction), BSc (Hons), PGCE, DASE, CASE, and from my Southport language school I provide immersive, practical, functional and professional language lessons for learners of English, Russian and French.  I am a registered education and English language consultant of the British Council.

Why learn with me? My language tuition is:


My language lessons immerse you in the language that you’re learning. You don’t learn by repetition, but by communicating and enjoying conversations in your chosen language.


Devereux Education language lessons are proven to be an effective way to learn a language.


You choose how you learn. You can learn a language online, I can visit you in your home town (or your home country) or you can visit me at my language school in Southport, England.


I teach not just for conversation or for fun, but for your professional benefit. My language lessons include IELTS tuition and exam preparation, helping you towards the qualifications that will improve your career prospects.


Study how you want and when you want. You can learn a language from the comfort of your own home, and can set your own schedule and choose your own deadlines. Alternatively, why not study in the elegant luxury of the Language School at Lancaster House in Birkdale?

British Council Registered

Devereux Education is an English Language Consultancy registered with the British Council.

Why Learn English?

I teach English as a foreign language to people looking to develop their career or enhance their experience of the world around them.

Did you know that…

  • 375 million people speak English as their first language?
  • Another 375 million people speak English as a second language?
  • Many others have a basic knowledge of the language?
  • It’s estimated that 50% of people within the EU can converse in English?

Now is the time to join them!

What Can English Language Tuition Do For You?

If you can speak and understand English then you will almost certainly find someone that you can talk to, no matter where you are. Speaking English can help you to interact with people all over our planet, enhancing your experience of the world around you.

In your career a knowledge of the English language can open doors to new job roles, promotions, new contracts and new experiences. The English language is spoken all over the globe, and many of the world’s biggest and most successful companies are primarily English-speaking, which means that proof of your ability to speak English can take you as far as you want to go.

How do you want to learn?

In the UK 

Southport Language School



In Your Own Country