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English Language Tuition

Learn English with Devereux Education, online or in person, at a pace to suit you. English language tuition options include IELTS exam preparation, immersive cultural holidays and conversational English tuition sessions that will help you to develop your understanding of English and your ability to speak English comfortably and confidently.

Why Learn English with Devereux Education?

With my experience of teaching English to individuals and groups, I can tailor your English language tuition to meet your needs and requirements. You get to choose your own goals for our tuition sessions, whilst I will work with you to ensure that those goals are met.

IELTS Exam Preparation

I provide tuition for IELTS exam preparation. Click on the questions below to learn more about the qualification.

What is the IELTS?

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS). The exam is used to grade your ability to read, write, listen and speak in English, with a nine-point grading system for each of the four sections. Your IELTS score can have an impact on your education and your career, with university admissions typically being subject to an overall score of 5.5 or more. The IELTS exam is a requirement for many courses not just in the UK but also in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and South Africa.

The IELTS examination can be taken at test centres all over the world.

What does the IELTS involve?

You’ll be set a number of tasks during your IELTS test, and you will have to reach your objective. You might have to listen to a recording or read text, and then answer questions based on what you’ve read or what you’ve heard. You will also be required to write essays, and to hold a conversation with a native English speaker.

Arguably the best test of English language skill, the IELTS examination ensures that you can truly communicate in English.

How do you get a good score in the IELTS examination?

In order to do well you need to be able to understand English, speak English, write in English and read English. It isn’t possible to memorise your answers in advance, which is why a Devereux Education preparation course can help you to do well in your exam.

As a native English speaker I will help you to communicate effectively, and to understand an English native speaker.

Course materials can be provided so that you can learn to read and write in English, and you might choose to study for your IELTS exam during a Devereux Education cultural holiday so that you can hear the language being spoken around you for a completely immersive learning experience.