Devereux Education

English Language Consultancy

Previous & Current Clients

Previous Devereux Education clients include:

  • IELTS Examination Courses, The UK Department of Health and South Yorkshire Strategic Health Authority, UK;
  • GP, Nurse and Consultant Education Programme, Language Learning Centre, Liverpool University, UK;
  • International Foundation Year, Modern Languages Faculty, Salford University, UK;
  • GP Education Programme, The North-West Regional Health Authority, UK;
  • Glass Technology Innovation Section, Pilkington PLC, UK;
  • Business English Programme, Senior Management Team, Astra Zeneca PLC, UK;
  • Business English Programme, Senior Management Team, The French pharmaceutical company Vygon, UK;
  • Inspectorate of Nuclear Power Plants, The United Nations, Sweden;
  • Dentists’ Recruitment & Language Training Programme,, Stockholm, Sweden;
  • ICT Systems Support Team, REF GmbH, Berlin, Germany;
  • Faculty of Law, Keio University, Japan;
  • Faculty of Library, Information and Media Science, University of Tsukuba, Tokyo, Japan;
  • Legal Department, JSR Corporation , Tokyo, Japan.

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Fumio, Japan

Chris’ language advice and translation services support my research activities. As a result of his advanced-level support, I was able to submit successfully documents to the international conferences which were held between 2010 and 2014 by the OECD in Bali, Paris, Seoul, Paris, Washington and at Oxford University.

The results of his support are available at the OECD and Oxford University websites.

Klaus-Peter, Berlin

I can look back to one and a half years of successful learning English with Chris. He has taught me methodically, especially regarding English grammar as used in business e-mails. This has been practised and reinforced with practical examples. My strengths and weaknesses have been identified systematically by him and my particular problems solved. All of the tuition was given as face-to-face sessions via Skype, which gave us great flexibility in scheduling the appointments.

Ralf, Berlin

I own a computer networking company and have to read a lot of manuals in English. As our client base changed in 2008 from German to international companies, it became necessary to speak English every day in meetings and to solve problems together with other companies like Cisco or Microsoft. I have found Devereux Education to be very helpful in developing my skills in English conversations.

Chris is a fantastic teacher, with the learning very structured and his teaching very clear. I have been in Southport for two, eight-day intensive courses. Chris found excellent hotels for me and I was invited into his home as a guest of the family. We had great times together and visited a lot of interesting places; for example Manchester University where we attended a lecture given by Dr Andrei Geim (Nobel Prize Winner for Physics) about the remarkable properties of Graphene.

Daniel, Berlin

Before I first heard of Devereux Education, my Professional English was rather ‘ropey’. I just intuitively combined some English words I had heard from song texts and from TV series.

Chris, with his vivid and focused way of teaching, helped me to rapidly improve my English speaking, writing, reading and listening skills. He has been a very patient person and due to his wide experience, he often had some extra tips and tricks to push me further and further.
We decided to focus our sessions on the IELTS test which is very complex and difficult.

The sessions with Chris were tough but there has always been some room for fun, too. Despite having only had one session per week, I would have never believed that I would have been able to reach such a high level in the IELTS Test as 6.5, but Chris made it possible.
I can fully recommend Devereux Education to everyone who wants to improve their Professional English language usage. I wish that I had had such a great English teacher in school!