Client Testimonials

Hitomi, Japan

I have received Professional English tuition from Devereux Education for over a year now. Chris & I have co-edited many types of Legal English documentation; translating from Japanese into English. Chris is always passionate about learning but always tutors from a professional and disciplined point of view. We have worked together on governmental agency texts, Space exploration and development business models and academic research texts.

In addition, we have co-translated academic articles about the effects on society of the latest Space, AI and robotics, state-of-the-art science and technology. We have discussed in an in-depth way, the differences between Japanese and British culture regarding the above-mentioned effects. I have found that these co-edited texts have been highly appreciated not only by Japanese people, but also by those native speakers of English whom I meet in my professional life in Japan.

Let us think about some of the English language task difficulties which you may be experiencing. For example, you may be struggling with the concept of Cohesive Device use or with verb tense choice. If so, I believe that Chris will be able to provide a solution which will enable you to understand.

Chris and I always work seriously and quite often over-run our agreed session time but I don’t mind; our sessions are always fun!! Also, I really feel, that through our sessions together, I have been able to see into a whole new world of English with Chris. Devereux Education is a small, British Council-registered educational and language consultancy. This has many advantages for me as a very busy academic working in the pressure cooker of Japanese business life. Probably, the most important advantage is that of flexibility. Chris is always happy to postpone a session without charge if I am not able to attend a pre-organised session due to work pressure or illness. Of equal importance is the fact that because of his retired headteacher status, Chris is able to tutor me whenever, and wherever I want.



Akihiro, Japan

Why I Need the English Language.
When I return to my family’s home in a few years, I will need to use English because I will need to avoid any problems in the work situation.

When Will I Use English at My Work.
Currently, the family company does not have any business with overseas companies, but I will use my English to expand some business possibilities when I take over the company.  There are only a few people who can speak English at my family company now. Therefore, I want to go out and negotiate on my own in English, when a new business opportunity comes.

What I Do Well Using English.
I read English well but I want to talk more confidently.
I write business e-mails etc quite well but I want to write more confidently.

I Enjoy Studying with Devereux Education because:
1. Chris is a nice guy;
2. he is easy to talk to;
3. I feel that I will be able to progress little by little because Chris always gives me the time which I need to grow my English language skills little by little.



Yu, Tokyo

I thought that I would like to improve my English as much as is possible before beginning to work in Japan. I had studied English for six years in a class in my school; there were forty pupils. I think that my strongest English ability is listening to conversation among friends. My weakest English ability is speaking to my tutors.

My priorities are as follows:
1. I want to be able to have some daily conversations with my friends;
2. I need to learn the correct grammar;
3. I need to learn to express what I am thinking in English;
4. I have to learn the most important words which I will have to use in daily conversations;
5. I want to be able to exchange e-mails in English with my friends or with my tutors;
6. finally, I want to be able to work in English-speaking countries.

How Devereux Education Has Helped Me to Achieve my Priorities
Firstly, I think that Devereux Education was much more useful than my school studies because I was able to learn ` the basics` of conversation in English.
Secondly, English classes in Japan have too many people, therefore I was not able to study at my level of English. However, Devereux Education has been able to match my language needs on a one-to-one basis.
Thirdly, one major advantage of on-line, one-to-one learning is that I am able to adjust my schedule and my time and thus I am able to study at home. This means that I am able to study happily without any tension as was the case in my former school classes.

In our one-to-one tutoring situations, Chris has been able to match my English language needs by using the most appropriate textbooks, on-line learning resources and the most appropriate reference books.

Finally, with Devereux Education`s emphasis on on-line learning, unlike in a school class, the tutor is able to put more emphasis on one person, and it is possible to work more intensively. You are able naturally to become used to English conversation while relaxing as if you were talking with a friend.




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