Devereux Education.Co.Uk & the City of Liverpool

Devereux Education.Co.Uk & the City of Liverpool

Let`s continue with the cultural aspect blogs. Where do I begin to write about the city of my birth, Liverpool?
Liverpool, (, has recovered fully from the devastation of the damage caused by the bombing of the Second World War, and truly, now is a `world-class city`. Having been brought up in its eastern suburbs but having gone to school in the city centre, I know Liverpool very, very well. Both Paul Mc`Cartney and George Harrison of The Beatles went to the same school as I did and both were taught by my French language teacher. If you are a devotee of this group, then Devereux Devereux.Co.Uk, via its city tour, can provide you with a personal insight into its musical influence on Liverpool, on the UK and on the world.

It is an often-repeated fact that Liverpool has `more listed` buildings than any other UK city outside London. It has the most beautiful and recently re-constructed city waterfront in the world and boasts two very different but architecturally important cathedrals which reflect the religious heritages of the city. The Irish cultural influence on the city has brought with it a musical diversity, sharp wit and sense of humour.

As I have written previously, why would you, as part of a large but impersonal group, want to be dragged around on visits to the usual, over-crowded and most-frequented tourist hotspots? Devereux Education.Co.Uk for some time has had a particular expertise in providing exclusive, high-quality and highly-customised cultural holidays which feature an included element of Professional English Language tuition.

Again, if you are really keen on having a genuine cultural experience, why not contact us via our website and begin a discussion on your journey of a lifetime?

Enjoy Liverpool,
Chris Devereux,
Director, Devereux Education.Co.Uk


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