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Devereux Education and its associate schools, the Liverpool Online Language School, the Preston Language School and the Southport Language School for some time have had a particular expertise in providing exclusive, high-quality and highly customised Professional English Language tuition and cultural holidays in all three cities and towns of the north-west of the UK. This tuition provision began in 1999 and focuses on English for Specific/Professional Purposes, (ESP), English for Medical Professionals, (EMP), English for Academic Purposes, (EAP) and preparation courses for the IELTS Academic Test.

Devereux Education provides online tuition in the majority of cases because this form of learning is perfect for the busy modern professional who requires flexibility when it comes to timetabling sessions. Whenever tuition sessions have to be cancelled at the last minute due to unexpected and additional work commitments, there is a never a cancellation fee applied.

Of course, some clients really want the provision of a `live tutor` in the same tuition space and this is never a problem. Devereux Education never `over-reaches` its ability to provide what has been promised. This is a real `plus` of the small language school; flexibility, ease of adapting to clients` particular needs, trust, a professional ethos, detailed assessment data, continuity in the learning process and dependability.

Why not give us a `try` and in doing so, refer to the `Previous and Current Clients` link on the `About` page of our website.

Chris Devereux,

Director, Devereux Education.

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