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Fly-Fishing as a Part of Our Cultural Activities Programme at Devereux Education

Well, I never would have thought that I would be writing about one of my passions as a blog article for the Devereux Education website. However, there must be one or two linguists or language learners out there in cyber-space who, like me, really enjoy a `dance` with a Brown Trout!!


Of course, Devereux Education offers many types of language learning and cultural holidays about which I have written in previous blogs. However, fly-fishing is one activity which needs to be celebrated more here in the north of England, where we have some exciting and relatively inexpensive river `beats` as we say in English. Within a reasonable drive from Lancaster House there are beats where you can fish all day from as little as £5.00. There is also the opportunity to have two days of fishing with an overnight stay at a five-star hotel, where the fishing will cost between £30 and £40 for the day. Accommodation at these hotels varies between £60 and £300 per night for the room and for breakfast.


I am sure that interested clients would understand that it is not possible to provide full details of the costs of such fly-fishing cultural activities as each fishing trip would be customised and so would be planned and negotiated in a very personal way. If you are interested in this activity, then please do not hesitate to contact me via the contacts page of the Devereux Education website.


One final point; personally, I enjoy casting for the Brown Trout, but there are also opportunities for salmon fishing if you enjoy a real fight!


Happy hunting,

Chris Devereux.



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