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`In at the Beginning, in at the End` or Ensuring Tutor Continuity in Language Learning

There is a large turnover of staff in the English language teaching world; particularly at the `lower end` where young graduates want to tour the world and earn a bit of cash on the way, working for the big language companies.

Continuity in the learning process is obviously vital, saving `orientation`, assessment and development time. One of the many advantages of learning languages with Devereux Education is its `cosy` and customised nature. The majority of Devereux Education`s clients stay with the company for six or more years because they want to gain either the high levels of the IELTS test or want continued support with translation work and Professional English in their everyday lives. The real joy of this is that eventually, clients become friends and we all visit one another and stay in homes for really wonderful cultural holidays!

Several of Devereux Education`s clients simply `stay on` to enjoy literature courses; even the ICT guys, which is something of a triumph!

So, forget the `Big Boys` and come and join a small language school which works!

Chris Devereux,

Director, Devereux Education.

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