Language and Cultural Holidays in Southport and the North-West of the UK

Language and Cultural Holidays in Southport and the North-West of the UK

Thus far, all of Devereux Education.Co.Uk`s blogs have been about important and I hope, interesting language issues. We thought that now was the right time to write about Devereux Education.Co.Uk`s home base, Southport.
Southport, (, is a very beautiful, elegant and smallish town and is situated on the Irish Sea coast, north of Liverpool, south of the Lake District ( and west of Manchester. Historically and culturally, it is a part of Lancashire, one of the UK`s most ancient and culturally/politically important `counties`. As a result, there is so much of cultural interest to see within an hour`s drive from Lancaster House. Whether or not you are a lover of country sports, of fine-dining and traditional hotels and pubs, of historical houses, castles and villages, of churches, abbeys and cathedrals, of theatres and of traditional or classical music, there is so much genuinely British and reasonably-priced choice in our north-western part of the UK.

Why would you, as part of a large but impersonal group, want to be dragged around on visits to the usual, over-crowded and most-frequented UK tourist hotspots? Devereux Education.Co.Uk has had a particular expertise in providing exclusive, high-quality and highly-customised cultural holidays which feature an included element of Professional English Language tuition.

So, if you are really keen on having a genuine cultural experience, why not contact us via our website and begin a discussion on your journey of a lifetime?
Happy cultural holidaying,
Chris Devereux,
Director, Devereux Education.Co.Uk


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