Language & Culture: `Two Sides of the Same Coin`

Language & Culture: `Two Sides of the Same Coin`

History shows us repeatedly that in wars, the victors attempt to destroy the indigenous languages and cultures of the losers. In the case of the British Isles, until recently, Scottish and Irish Gaelic and the Celtic languages of the Welsh and Cornish had almost disappeared as thriving, spoken and written languages. Now, it is wonderful to both see and hear these languages as one travels around the British Isles.

It is also true to say that one cannot really study a language without a reference to the culture of the country in which that language is used. For example, the stories behind English words are fascinating; the verb to `boycott` is a case in point. To know the story of the detested Captain Boycott is to enter another world, long forgotten.

Devereux Education.Co.Uk is very aware of the importance of this link between a country`s language and its culture. To use any language within its culture must be more helpful and surely must motivate the learner more. In promoting this link, Devereux Education encourages its online clients to come to the UK to undertake intensive courses in English and to experience UK culture in all of its interesting variety.

Such courses may last for between seven and fourteen days and are held in the comfortable and informal setting of Lancaster House. The daily tuition sessions begin at 9.00 am and last usually until 4.00 pm, with a one-hour break for lunch. In the evenings, if the client wants this, a cultural programme of visits is organised.

Devereux Education.Co.Uk also has expertise and experience in organising week-long and weekend cultural holidays which are extensions to the intensive courses of Professional English described already. These cultural holidays are highly customised and aim to avoid the usual tourist hotspots and instead try to give to our clients a `real feel of the genuine UK`.

Chris Devereux,
Director, Devereux Education.Co.Uk.


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