Language Prediction Skills and Managing Q&A`s Effectively in English

Language Prediction Skills and Managing Q&A`s Effectively in English

Let`s imagine a satisfying, professional situation. You are coming to the end of your presentation. You know the relevant facts well and you have presented them clearly to the audience. You feel confident about the Q&A session. The first two questions confirm this confidence. Having heard the first few spoken words of each questioner, you have grasped the central themes of their questions and you have predicted correctly where the questions are `going`. Almost immediately you have `framed` your responses in your mind and you begin……………

Now, try to imagine how difficult this intellectual process is going to be for the non-native speaker of the English language. Indeed, it is a fascinating set of skills to have to teach to a client; both fascinating and every enjoyable.

Just think of the sub-skills required to complete the above task successfully:
a large memory bank of advanced-level professional vocabulary and the related collocations in both the native language and in English;
a clear ability to use these collocations to pick up the theme and focus of each question;
either a clear ability to then translate the above ideas into the native language and back into English or to think immediately about the same issues in English; finally, to be so aware of the correct and concise language structures in English that your reply is fluent, confident and `commanding`.

Devereux Education.Co.Uk has had a lot of experience of teaching the above skills. Through the use of varied and customised listening comprehension and note-taking tasks, through the use of listening cloze-procedure exercises, through the developing of personalised dictionaries with `word families` and collocations lists, Devereux Education.Co.UK has been able to help its clients create these sets of skills `in partnership`.

So, if your job demands that you manage Q&A`s effectively in English, Devereux Education.Co.Uk is the place for you!!!

Happy Q&A`ing,
Chris Devereux.


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