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For some time, Reading for Pleasure Groups and Therapeutic Reading Groups have both been features of the UK language education landscape. Using the novel as a theme for developing language skills and audience awareness has become accepted pedagogical practice for some years now.


Although Devereux Education tends to use a Structuralist Approach to language learning, there have been many occasions on which the use of this Communicative Approach has been seen to be more appropriate and therefore applied.


Equally true is the fact that literature studies have been a feature of the `Language and Culture` programmes provided by Devereux Education and these have been referred to in previous blogs.


Accordingly, if for example, you would like to combine a visit to, or walking tour of, our beautiful English Lake District with the study of the poetry of The Wordsworths or the writings of Ruskin and William Morris, then a customised and intimate literature studies course can be organised easily for you.


For details of, and cost quotes for such studies, please contact me via 00447985293791 or via


Happy reading,

Chris Devereux.

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