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The Importance of Personal Writing in Academic English

‘Personal Writing’ can be a great opportunity for the learner of English to explore new vocabulary and language stuctures via the genres of diary or descriptive writing. This allows the writer a ‘free range’ of English in which to explore new ways of expressing ideas. Of equal importance to the tutor, such personal writing is a very quick way of undertaking a personal needs analysis for each client. 

Southport Language School is committed to this approach. An initial needs analysis undertaken in this way gives a clear indication to the assessor of the client’s range of vocabulary, knowledge of the various tense structures, of the conventions of punctuation, of the use of cohesive devices and syntax.

An initial, client needs analysis based on this approach is less daunting, in that the ‘testing’ can be organised in an informal way, either on-line of face-to-face. In many ways, such writing really does allow the individual language learner the freedom to ‘show off’ his or her English language skills. So, if you are interested in having an informal needs’ analysis undertaken by Southport Language School, please contact Chis Devereux on

My best wishes to all language learners,

Chris Devereux.