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Southport Language School and Its Clients

Southport Language School’s clients have one main aim regarding the study of English, and that has been to master the language in order to enhance their career prospects. It would be true to say that without a proficient use of English at the highest levels, it is impossible in the post-modern world for individuals ‘to climb the corporate ladder’. 

Today, English is the preferred world language of communication in medicine, in academia, in business, in ICT, in law and in education.

Southport Language School has been working for many years with professionals in all of these fields. These pro-active clients have come from such diverse cultures as those of Japan, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, China, Brazil, Sweden, Poland, India, Pakistan and the Arab World.

The outcomes of their studies with Southport Language School have been for example, an increase in their client-base, permanent and full employment, opportunities to give presentations at the world’s best universities such as Oxford University in the UK and to influence world opinion via institutions such as the United Nations’ Organisation and the OECD.

Southport Language School is very proud to have worked with nurses, GP’s, medical consultants, dentists, business men and woman, ICT engineers and university students. Having the opportunity to use computer technology to provide a flexible and highly-motivating learning environment is of genuine value to small groups, pairs or individuals who want to develop their skills in English for Academic, Professional or other Specific Purposes.

Chris Devereux