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A Correct Focus on Learning English for Effective Communication

In the United Kingdom at the moment there is a governmental focus on looking back at the education systems of the past as models of learning. While it may be true to say that the modern education process in the UK is over-complex, as far as language learning is concerned, Southport Language School believes that a return to the teaching methodologies of the past would be a major mistake.

Until the emergence of what is now termed ‘The Communicative Method’, there was a sole emphasis on developing reading and writing skills in the Academic English context. In the modern world of Professional English use, these two skills are vital still. The understanding and production of written communication in its many forms including the use of e-mail communication are vital also. However, it is equally important for the learner of English to feel confident and competent in spoken communication. Of course, in order to speak one must be able to listen well in order to understand any given ‘message’ and then respond appropriately.

At Southport Language School, we provide customised courses in listening skills’ development and in the giving of presentations which include a particular emphasis in being effective in Question & Answer sessions; a situation where the presenter is required often to respond without a pre-prepared script. Southport Language School believes that the provision of such course elements provide much more ’rounded’, relevant and more effective language studies for the modern language learner.

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