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Giving Effective Presentations in English

Let us be honest with each other; most audiences, including ‘academic’ ones, have an attention span of approximately twenty minutes. In my experience, one is able to gauge the effectiveness of one’s presentation by the intensity of the Q&A session. Q&A silence condemns the presenter to being a distant memory!!

Here at Southport Language School we have a lot of experience in the provision of ‘Presenting in English’ courses for academics, medical professionals, lawyers, businessmen/women and the ICT sector.

In a previous post, I mentioned the importance of effective, spoken communication in the modern world of business and education. Of course, such a type of communication lies at the heart of giving presentations. ‘Getting across your message’ involves developing speed-reading skills to gather information, compressed but accurate note-taking skills to order this information, listening carefully with ‘audience-awareness’ and finally both answering ‘good’ questions and ‘fielding’ politely irrelevant or difficult questions.

You may have to lead seminars or give presentations on a regular basis. If so, why not contact Southport Language School for a free taster-session or assessment in ‘Presenting in English’? 

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Here’s to good presenting,

Chris Devereux.