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Processing Text Efficiently: A Vital Skill in the Modern World

There is so much useful information in the modern world, with much of its recent, significant proliferation being due to the internet. Any student becomes very quickly aware of this phenomenon as he or she begins to study. For the modern professional, and particularly one in the ICT world, keeping up with the latest developments can be very problematic and very time-consuming. ‘Processing’ text, (actually a very appropriate example of modern linguistic jargon), both quickly but efficiently is now a much-needed skill.

At the Southport Language School we have specific qualifications and experience in this field of English language study. The key to effective learning in this area lies in a detailed, client needs analysis. Thus, which specific language challenges does each client face? Are these challenges to do with vocabulary knowledge or the need for awareness of the various language structures associated with note-taking and other ‘compressed’ forms of language? Does the client require a course in speed-reading; ie learning to process the text via skimming and scanning? Which form will text feedback or summaries to the target audiences take? Such learning requires a high level of customisation, and experience in course design is vital. Southport Language School provides such course customisation at the highest intellectual levels; ie IELTS levels eight and nine.

Happy text-processing,

Chris Devereux, Director.